Obligatory Massacree Post

I was minding my own business Saturday on Facebook when I encountered this:

The shooting in Arizona today is the final torpedo that will sink the extreme right. I hope no one is stupid enough OR un-American enough to defend that action.

Well, so I go, “WHAT shooting?’ And hit the news to find out. I started this post, but didn’t finish.

And so it went. Finer minds than mine have chewed on this. I was throwing updates on Facebook because I was personally offended. Kudos to the Left for taking a tragedy and making it about themselves and their positions. Your maturity has been noted.

And then there was the “Blame Sarah Palin” game. I’m not much impressed by Sarah’s positions or vision, but if she can wiggle her nose and automagically cause some guy to throw his life away (along with 6 others), what other impressive things could she do? Seriously, I’ve never seen Democrats campaign so hard for a candidate.


2 Responses to Obligatory Massacree Post

  1. MDC says:

    So, I do have a new thought experiment:

    If you were stuck in a snowbank in a blizzard, who would you want to be in the next car coming down the road, Sarah Palin or Joe Biden? Sarah would probably have chains in her vehicle, would probably actually stop to see if you needed help, and would probably also know how to use the tow chain.

    You could also try this with George Bush and Barack Obama.

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    I guess it would depend on whether I had caltrops with me.
    However, your point about the fundamental uselessness of the ruling class is well taken.

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