Carol Glatz, Magisterium of One

This lady, dredging up some 10 and 20 year old documents from the USCCB, claims that gun control is the position of the Catholic Church. I have no idea who she is; she’s a reporter, not part of their general staff.

Codrea takes this at face value, and conditionally challenges the Church:

If this is the official position of the Catholic Church, if its leadership truly believes guns in private hands are evil and must be eliminated, they should demonstrate the courage of their convictions:
Declare private gun ownership a sin.
Deny communion to all disobedient Catholics who do not relinquish theirs.
Excommunicate all who willfully remain in a state of defiance and who encourage rebelliousness.

The readership sets him straight on the doctrinal parameters. But on a practical level, the Church has not “demonstrated the courage of their convictions” in that way on reproductive issues, so they certainly won’t on non-doctrine. And if the Church decides, in the face of Scripture and tradition to the contrary, that it’s a sin to own a gun, well, I will be an even worse Catholic than I am now. Seriously, if Jesus were incarnate on earth today, would He tell his disciples to buy a sword to bring to a gunfight?

St. Gabriel Possenti, even though the Vatican does not acknowledge your patronage over us gunnies, pray for us.


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