Malcolm XI

I am ROTFLMAO over this video explicating the physical resemblance between Malcolm X and Pres__ent Øbama. Clearly, this is a racist argument. I don’t care how “the brother” lecturing in the video is dressed or how he sounds…he looks like a honky to me. Granted. the photos are suggestive, though the Ferrous One’s sardonic response was “They all look alike to me.” It’s no more a stretch to believe that Stanley Ann Dunham bore Malcolm X’s love child, or raised another woman’s, that to believe some of the other theories about this strange man we’re saddled with. I absolutely draw the line though at the notion that the kid was specifically bred to become President. Too much could have gone wrong; a proper conspiracy would have bred dozens of racially-grievanced, power-hungry, rootless and confused narcissists to run the country. And if you’ve come with me this far, that last line made you sweat.


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