Preparedness FAIL

So I’m out, using the 2-cycle blower on the drive, and I run out of gas. Which I announce to the Ferrous One.

“You don’t have any gas”

“I know. I’ll make some up.”

“You don’t have any gas.”

So I dump the 2 cycle oil in, and go to where the various red cans are. And there is no gas. Not a drop. “Have you been subsidizing your Tina route with our storage gas?”

“It was old gas; it was from the summer.”

“I put Stabil in that. That’s our preparedness gas.  Why didn’t you tell me you were putting it in your car? What if we’d had an actual emergency?”

Now, Rusty is definitely up with the prepper mindset. She didn’t start burning wood until 2 weeks ago, because we were short, and what if the electricity went out? But she got caught in a cash crunch, or a gas crunch, and figured that it was OK to lie-by-omission to her hubby. Which is kind of sobering really; if my own most trusted friend would do that just to avoid some slight personal embarrassment, what’s going to happen when my neighbors are in genuine need? She’s feeling cussed out, and I’m just trying to stick to the facts.

So I went to G-ville and bought 18 gallons of gas ($65) plus some for the car (to $75, when the pump stopped). I put 7 plus the 2-cycle where they went; the other two 5-gallons went…elsewhere. “There’s your allowance, and then some,” I thought as I pumped. See, I’m real new at this sole-support thing, and I only started giving her walking-around money 2 weeks ago.  And I’m cheap (which she is OK with) and selfish (which she’s not particularly OK with), and she’s done a wonderful job in training me on this “us” thing, but I still have a lot to learn. I’d forgotten to give up the money last night, and contemplated not doing so. But then I realized that the reason she’d done that screwup was that I wasn’t giving her anything, that I’d made a promise and had to keep it. So I paid up, and told her this, pointing that I didn’t want to channel my inner [name of abusive man we know]…and she claimed I had no inner-such-thing to channel. So we’re cool.

But dang…


3 Responses to Preparedness FAIL

  1. John Venlet says:

    And I’m cheap (which she is OK with) and selfish (which she’s not particularly OK with), and she’s done a wonderful job in training me on this “us” thing, but I still have a lot to learn.

    Cheap? I’d say frugal.

    Selfish, well, I can’t offer a substitution for that one, because I’m that way also. I laughed about Rusty attempting to “train” you on the “us” thing.

    The Lovely Melis has been working on that with me for twenty years, Jeffrey, and while I am pretty solid on the “us” thing, I still, without hesitation, say my house, my car, my this and my that. I can’t stop that my from slipping my lips.

  2. Jim Quick says:

    Ah my son, it runs in our genes (frugality and selfishness) Females are prone to use femine wiles. My only suggestion, is get her a paper route LOL. POP

  3. jeffreyquick says:

    Hmmm, IIRC, you were paying for the car repairs on that one. So it’s the same kind of wash.

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