Just in case you wanted to go full Wisconsin re SB5

101.24 Powers of each house compelling attendance.

Upon a call of either house, if a quorum of members is not present, or a member is absent, the members present may direct the sergeant at arms or, if there is no sergeant at arms of such house, any other person to compel the attendance of absentees. If, on a call of either house, the members present refuse to excuse an absentee, he shall not be entitled to compensation during his absence and shall be liable for expenses incurred in procuring his attendance, which shall be deducted from his salary.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

No word that I can find on abandonment of office or extradition of members. I would say though, since the ORC is silent, that if the office is vacant for a month without official leave, that the governor (or the legislature, if a quorum could be raised) should be able to declare the office vacant and schedule a special election. That’s what I’d do… and then let the missing legislators explain when they re-run for their offices (as you know they would) why they’ve wasted mililons of dollars on an election.


7 Responses to Just in case you wanted to go full Wisconsin re SB5

  1. Clyde says:

    Please! You don’t even know the circumstances and you post this junk. Ohio’s legislature is so deep in GOP idiots that all the Dems walking out would not prevent a quorum. If you’re going to post information on the Internet, at least be informed. How about you learn before posting? In fact, how about you inform yourself before voting? If folks like you took the time to understand the world around them, you wouldn’t let yourselves be manipulated by wealthy modern day robber barons and corporatists.

    Goldman-Sachs has your money. Now they want your rights and you are about to give them away. You remind me, and probably descend from, the poor farmers in the South that supported slave-owning plantation owners. You’re aligned with the very people who exploit you. You’re being punked!

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Hi, Clyde!

    You’re certainly not my typical reader. Make yourself at home and look around so you can “know the circumstances”, but I hope you have good health care; you might have a stroke. If you don’t, you might apologize for some of the assumptions in your post. Or not.

    If the Ohio Senate has the votes for SB5, what were all those folks doing taking sick days yesterday and piling into the State House?

  3. Michael Grosh says:

    That’s about as tasteful a response as anyone has a right to expect, Jeffrey. I have to admit a certain curiosity as to just where Clyde gets the data for his opinions. Just for maintaining “fair and balanced”, you understand.


  4. Jeffrey Quick says:


    • michael grosh says:

      Is there a term for information that is without opinion added? I’ve come to the conclusion all news is slanted, whether left or right, and most likely not even accurate. I wonder if Clyde recognizes that.
      I enjoyed your post of events in Wisconsin, btw.

  5. jeffreyquick says:

    I agree with you. . Normally you can figure that anything both sides agree on is probably true…but only if they did their homework. Both the local NPR and local Fox outlets accepted uncritically the suggestions that the unions in Columbus were wearing red because “some of them were Republicans.”

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