If teachers don’t have to show, why should kids?

Denninger points out the problems with The One establishing antifederalism through community organizing, and offers some solutions:

If you are a parent with children in a Wisconsin school you must demand that any teacher who falsely called in sick to protest be debarred from teaching your child. It is absolutely essential that our children understand and be taught that the representative process of government is sacred and that violating that premise is unacceptable. No parent who honors our form of government can permit their child to be instructed by a teacher who participated. I therefore call upon all parents to perform a “KidOut” and demand these teachers be immediately fired and replaced, or their children will not return to class. There are millions of unemployed people in this nation and many are qualified to teach. There is no shortage in the labor pool. Force the Superintendents to fire every one of these teachers – right now.

Second, Governor Walker needs to sign an executive order declaring a State of Emergency and ordering the Senate to come to order. If the Democrats refuse he should then declare their seats abdicated and hold special elections. The Democrats need only lose one seat in that special election to be irretrievably screwed. It is fine to disagree but the fact remains that a legislator has a job, and that is to legislate. That means showing up, speaking your peace, debating in a civil manner and voting. That’s how we do things in America.


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