The wimp to the north of me

Jennifer, the trollop lobbyist with whom the dishonorable Mr. Steve LaTourette is cohabiting under color of law (being married to Susan in the eyes of God and his constituents), must wonder what made her take up with a eunuch. Faced with a vote to defund NPR, really the lowest-hanging fruit possible in the current budget battle, he turned tail and ran. I don’t know what caused his RINO stampede; maybe the Magliozzi Brothers made some offhand comments about kneecaps and tire irons. But given that the current budget crisis is going to require real suffering from almost everyone, anything he doesn’t take from suburban liberals will need to be taken from the poor and elderly. Or, more likely, he’ll do nothing until the entire economy collapses on top of the poor and elderly, killing them.

The only way to recover any respect in the matter is to offer up David Freddoso’s proposed amendment to Jim McGovern’s proposal to strip Fox News of all federal adversing; Freddoso would strip EVERY media outlet of federal advertising.  Otherwise, I’ll have to do some legwork in Geauga next year during primary season.


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