I am surrounded by fools

It hurts too effing much to blog.

Cleveland Councilpoof Joe Simperman, at the behest of Mayor Jackson, introduced bills to make Cleveland into a cheap imitation of NYC by banning trans fats and most public smoking. “The goal is to change the culture.” he said. Well, that he is, but to what end? “”That we have to ban smoking in a cemetery should tell you something,” Cimperman said.”  It tells me that when people are faced with their own mortality, they want pleasure and comfort, since this is our only go-around. And that the dead, unlike Joey Simperman, will leave you in peace. Apparently, other people’s bad health costs too much…and God forbid we should make people pay for their own bad health choices, because, after all, health care is a right, because in a state of nature the Doctor Fairy automagickally appears and heals us. Given that people are leaving states where they run your life in favor of states where they don’t, you’d think Joey would want to make the city more attractive. In Windham Township, where I fled to from Cleveland, if one of the trustees suggested such a thing, the roofers and the chicken farmers would have the materials to be persuasive.

Then there was that whole big Koran burning deal. Relatively sane adults were arguing that Terry Jones had somehow “made” Afghanis riot and kill Westerners and that he shouldn’t have been allowed to do that. I get more cogent arguments on moral responsibility from my 8 year old cheese-sucker granddaughter.

And last night’s farce in Wisconsin. I have friends claiming that they won they stole the election fair and square. Well, what kind of victory was that? If this was a referendum on collective-bargaining reform, then fully half the voters are against it. If government worker collective bargaining is a “right”. then something like 5% of the electorate was swayed by that argument. If there’d been a referendum on something that clearly WAS a rights violation…say a vote on a Final Solution to the Negro Problem… you’d be lucky to get 5% for it.

Are my wife and I the only sane beings on the planet? Seems that way, sometimes.



2 Responses to I am surrounded by fools

  1. Martial Artist says:

    Mr. Quick,

    You asked

    Are my wife and I the only sane beings on the planet?

    Having just read your comment at WDTPRS anent Atlas Shrugged, I can assure you that my wife and I make at least two more—although I am likely more a Hayekian Old Whig, at least by temperament, than an anarcho-capitalist/radical subsidiarist.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Thanks for the shout-out…the sin of despair is ever with me, and you’ve certainly brightened my day.

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