Michigan, my Michigan

…my natal state, from whom I am an economic and political refugee, how did you get so totally screwed? What unholy convocation of Communists and Calvinists made you what you are?

First today I learned that the State Police seem to think they have a right to the contents of one’s smart phone. What probable cause besides breathing gives them such a right has not yet been clarified legally, though the ACLU is working on it. Of the people whose phones have been copied, I have to wonder how many were victims of patdowns and how many gave it up willingly to avoid trouble.

Now I find through John Venlet and the incomparable Ms. DeCoster that the MI Secretary of State (= Department of Motor Vehicles), always several rungs of Hell worse than the equivalent in Ohio, now requires you to wait in line to get a number to wait in line to get your license plates.


3 Responses to Michigan, my Michigan

  1. mes Quick says:

    We elected a reformer, things are coming under control.Our last Governor, a charming woman blew us away for 8 years, but now that she has been replaced, her and her Hubby have moved to big time greener pastures on boards of directors University payrolls etc. I don’t blame her for fleeing her mess but she opted for California. How smart is that. There may be a problem in the Sec of States office in Detroit since there are no Republicans to run things. Our local office is very well run, but then even here one sometimes picks a time when everyone and his brother wants service. Renewals are done usually by mail. I can assure you all that Ohio has not been much better in recent years but looks promising under new Management too. If we can get our State to pass a right to work a law all will work out well.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    I can say that at least the Portage Co. DMV has been a model of efficiency, esp. considering that they get the hard cases that can’t be done by mail.

  3. michael grosh says:

    I saw the Venlet post, and I thought, typical statist bull crap. Then I realized, that’s what I do in my state’s DMV.
    It’s triage. Walk in the door, see the deskperson (usually a line of 3 or 4), get a number based on my reason for being there. I don’t have to wait behind teenagers waiting for a driver’s test to renew my registration.

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