Trouble in TLMland Cleveland?

Yesterday, I sang at the Mac (all chant: De Angelis, Propers, Gregorian hymns for Low Sunday) and Fr. Kotlinski made a very disturbing announcement. There have been 2 incidents of vandalism of a vehicle belonging to a major supporter of the Latin Mass in Cleveland.  The 2nd was of a gravity that could have resulted in death (unspecified, but it sounded  like cut brake lines). At the same time, there appears to be some shakeup at Cleveland Friends of the TLM, where the official correspondants for St. Stephens and Immaculate Conception have been locked out of posting on the site, which may not contain accurate information as a result. I don’t know what’s going on, and I’m not sure I want to know. But if some folks have a problem with some other folks, I have 3 words to say:
Get. Over. It.
Seriously, are we down to committing mortal sin to preserve doctrinal purity or whatever the issue is? Did people fight to preserve the Tridentine Rite so that folks can beclown us?
I would welcome any input here from the CFTLM people, or from any of the priests or others involved, as to what the issue is.
In a more congratulatory vein, I note that there are regular Latin Masses in 6 locations on the Diocese of Cleveland. In the Diocese of Youngstown? As far as I can tell, ONE.


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