Why AoSHQ will no longer be linked at QatD

Why Ron Paul Will Not Be Listed In Any Future Candidate Polls at the HQ

Actually, I agree with Gabriel’s view of Paul’s take on the Osama raid. Libertarianism is not a suicide pact. What could we have done…come in there with video cameras blazing and embarrassed the Pakistanis into extraditing him? It appears to me that they can’t be embarrassed.

But I’ve had it with

he’s a barely functional retard who couldn’t express a coherent foreign (or economic) policy even if all our lives were at stake

and all the comments by the little Morons.
Ron Paul has been right on every economic issue, and ahead of anyone else. His foreign policy needs tweaking, but it’s also more right than anyone else’s. The man deserves respect. I pretty much cut off the Reasonoids in ’08 over their Paul smears. Ace of Spades almost fell then too. It could still happen. Not that they would care.

UPDATE: Ace supports his co-blogger. More depth, but still ultimately disrespectful.


4 Responses to Why AoSHQ will no longer be linked at QatD

  1. jacksontom says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m with you about 95 percent. If I may express one mild dissent, I’m not clear about the aside about “Reasonoids.” Reason has a very nice cover article in the new issue about Sen. Rand Paul, and I’ve seen quite a bit of respectful coverage about his dad in the magazine.

  2. mes Quick says:

    Speaking as a Libertarian Conservative, I would like to see our troops pulled back from all over the world and let the damn fools all fight it out. Just keep our air and sea power on the table and say alright all you Muzzies, North Koreans and Chinese, live and let live, but one wrong move from any of you against the USA and your Government is toast. Put the remaining army on the border.


  3. jacksontom says:

    One more point. I disagree with Ron Paul, too, about collaborating with Pakistan on the raid, but don’t you love the way he’s unafraid to express a controversial opinion?

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