OK, I don’t much care if he sent a babe a crotch shot. I do care about the coverup, and the fact that he’s accusing somebody of a crime without getting law enforcement involved. He’s moved pretty solidly into the “clown” category. I’ll bet Huma is having second thoughts about their wedding having been officiated by a serial philanderer (Bill Clinton). At AoSHQ, Ben says of the notorious Dana Bash interview, “Honestly, this is the second worst press conference I’ve ever seen. Only the Bud [sic] Dwyer press conference was worse. ” Though the Dwyer press conference had a happy ending (not for Dwyer).

Gotta wonder how long we’ll be eating the popcorn on this one.


2 Responses to Weinergate

  1. MDC says:

    In general, not interesting. The fact that it’s the self-esteemed Rep. Weiner, makes it entertaining.

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    It’s the classic Tar Baby setup (can we even say that anymore?) The harder he denies the act, the more firmly it sticks to him. But the act itself? Sleazy, but nothing to get excited about. Unless we have Congress’ first sex-reversed honor killing.

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