More Colloquium

I didn’t post yesterday as I needed to finish a scanning project in the library while I could. After that crack about AYCE bacon, we actually had AYCE bacon on Thurs., and I was quite moderate. No meat at all yesterday, of course. Meals are moved to the dining hall today, so we’ll see if they’re different.

Yesterday seemed mostly about making connections. I’ve had a lot of people tell me how much they enjoy my Chant Cafe posts, or about things they’ve downloaded from cpdl. And several remembered me outing myself as a former Wiccan, so I really suppose I’m going to have to write up that testimony. It’s just that I can’t really do it without broadcasting what a horndog I was. I’m still ashamed of my sins (which is a different thing than being contrite for them; it’s caring about what people think.). But “we’re all bozos on this bus.”

Yesterday was the Vespers marathon. The rehearsals went pretty well and were productive. But we had a couple of people who were not at that last rehearsal, and they probably should not have sung. I’ve also noticed that women had a harder time going from chant to polyphony, and with the psalm tones themselves. I suspect that this is because, as a group, they’re less experienced; in a lot of places it’s a men’s schola doing it, up front and Pius X-y, so they don’t learn to do it.  Unfortunately, we were so involved in the Vespers that we forgot to rehearse today’s motet…so we’re cutting breakfast short to do it. But I’m not singing tenor this time, not unless the pitch is going way down.

I’ve been blissfully insulated from politics here. I heard that Weiner resigned, and that the Wisconsin bill was upheld.I haven’t been able to access Bloglines as I can’t find the URL for the new version, and the old one wants me to transfer, which I’ve done. It’s just as well. Work is going to be a bitch when I get home, at home, musically, and at the library


One Response to More Colloquium

  1. kishnevi says:

    You’ve missed basically nothing. The normal sound and fury told by the normal idiots.

    Hmm, WordPress has a new comment interface….let’s see how this goes.

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