Colloquium wrapup

The story of the Ember Day Mass motet was rather exciting. We set a rehearsal time for 9AM Sat. (cutting breakfast short) in Powers, but apparently that space wasn’t available, so it was announced at breakfast that it would be in the music school. Unfortunately, nobody told Mahrt. We started rehearsing without him (I would have taken it, but had dodged out for a pee, and my fellow necktie tenor Andy Motyka ably took it). Meanwhile, Powers WAS available, and some folks were over there with the Dr.. They all got over to the music school at about 9:25, and we had a couple runthroughs before departing late for chant class… which means I guess that what goes around comes around.  We got to Mass early, and ran it several times outside (which made me think of some experiences I’ve had at the Mac), but alas, it was not one of our finer moments. I like to think we made up for it with today’s motet. The 11:30 Ember Day Mass was almost 2 hrs., which meant we got out at 1:30, before a 2PM wedding, the folks whose rehearsal had pre-empted the Vespers.  I felt bad for them…and really, you know, it’s just one liturgy vs. a whole life together making Catholic babies. I wish them all the best.

For me the big deal, main reason I was there was the new music reading. It was a good if mood-inducing experience, as I learned that not only do some people read better than I do (and I’m so literate tralala) but they compose as well as I do (if differently).  Some highlights were the simple but elegant short motets of Charlotte Lansberg, which I could see being done at Queen of the Holy Rosary, and the 3-voice Mass (English/Latin ) and Ubi Caritas (admittedly “imitation Durufle”,  but in 4 voices) of Benjamin Cornelius-Bates. My Ave Maria was well-received and well-read, the others somewhat less so. Pitch and tempo sag were a problem.

Today we had Mass with the congregation, or perhaps the congregation had Mass with us. I have no idea what they thought of a Latin OF Mass in double overtime (almost 2 hours!). Some I heard were not amused. Then off for an elegant farewell luncheon. I’ve been ragging on the food, but that’s really not fair…it was often elegantly prepared, and Duquesne went out of their way to provide for those with special needs. It was just more carb-heavy than I’m used to. And there’s the coffee issue. If it wasn’t that it’s in Salt Lake City next year (and I probably won’t be going), I’d pack a coffeepot and start a little mission for early risers.

I took I79 to 422 and home. Fortunately there were few if any issues in the garden (started the hoeing), but Rusty had some mechanical emergencies to deal with. The door was busted off our mailbox. Rusty thinks it was the postman instead of the graduation ritual, as we were the only ones hit. And then there was the barn roofing job, of which the less said, the better. And fixing goat escape creativity.


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