“Tea Party downgrade”

OK, Dems, we’ll accept responsibility: something you’ll never do. Yes, the downgrade was “our” fault. Now, I speak of a sort of Platonic ideal Tea Party that existed long before the organized Tea Party movement. But here’s what we were responsible for:
We allowed the imposition of an income tax, and worse, accepted automatic withholding (screw you, Milton Friedman).
We allowed the establishment of a Federal Reserve system.
We permitted the various socialist acts of FDR and LBJ, including Social Security and Medicare, which are the primary drivers of our debt.
We didn’t hold Reagan’s feet to the fire on spending.
We allowed the Bushes to play war.
We allowed the socialist acts of the “compassionate conservative”
We allowed the Republican party to nominate the doddering old RINO McCain.

If the Tea Party had always done its job, John Kerry would never have been elected, and David Axelrod would be selling insurance instead of candidates.

So yes, it’s our fault that the Democrat party exists, and it’s the Democrat’s fault that the debt exists.


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