Here’s an idiot in the UK who thinks that people’s association of black with bad is an arbitrary construct which can be reprogrammed by lying to students, dressing witches in pink, and getting rid of white paper.

We learn very early on that black is bad, and nature is the teacher.  The night is black, and you can’t see. You trip, fall, and hurt yourself…even if your name is Tyrell Williams. And in the night there are creatures who can see in the dark better than we can…creatures who are hungry. Our ancestors built fires to make light to chase them away…and the black coals the next morning frequently burned them.

There is no intrinsic reason why our more melanin-resplendent brethren (most of whom aren’t “black”)  should be related to the darkness of the night…unless they behave like the beasts of the night.


2 Responses to Black

  1. Annon says:

    I agree.

    One of the first steps in ending racisim is to stop pointing it out where it doesn’t exist

  2. kishnevi says:

    But an even more fundamental step in eliminating racism is learning to properly spell the word.

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