Second verse, same as the first

In the wake of the revelations about that miserable little twink Jamie Kirchick’s hatchet job against Ron Paul, I found myself reading blog posts from the last Presidential election cycle, in search of links from back then. I remember being pissed at cur-CHICK at the time, but there wasn’t a lot on the blog, unless it was all slightly earlier and on the Case blog. The WordPress search functions are virtually nonexistent. During the worst of it all, I was abandoning the anti-Paul blogs and reading a lot more at  I don’t so much now; Lew’s crew can get into a sort of kneejerk libertarian negativity. But that concentration of Catholic libertarians were certainly instrumental in my own conversion. And in reading back, the current froth-at-the -mouth about Ron Paul seems very old hat. I have to wonder if Ace of Spades might actually be James Kirchick’s beard. All those busty cheerleaders and talk of hobo-hunting…the man doth protest too much, methinks.


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