Piss on ’em!

There’s been a fair bit of outrage from the usual nancy-boys about Marines urinating on Taliban corpses.

Piss on’em, I say… at least the nancy-boys.

Pissing on a corpse is to corpse desecration as waterboarding is to torture: it leaves no physical damage, and it gets the point across. As far as I know, being doused with bodily fluids does not impact a Muslim’s chances of getting to Paradise, as would dumping a Neti pot full of lard into his nostrils. So the corpse wouldn’t care, being dead and all. As for the corpse’s kin, it’s argued that marking the metaphorical yellow streak down the corpse’s back with a literal yellow streak will cause them to hate us. Given their kind and thoughtful gifts of RPGs (not role-playing games) and IEDs, that’s certainly to be avoided at all costs. If it hurts their poor widdle feelings, piss on ’em.

Vanderbeogh offers some perspective. Radical I-slammers have been known to desecrate American corpses while they were still alive. And there were a number of pictures taken during WW II of creative uses for used heads that Japanese no longer had a use for. And mind you, this was an enemy more worthy of honor, who showed more courage and who didn’t have to be bribed with a post-mortal harem in order to fight. Where was the outrage? Why didn’t we cede Hawaii to the Japanese to expiate our shame at our horrible actions? Might it have been because the Japs were whappin’ heads too? In the present conflicts, we haven’t been leaving heads around, or taking scalps or scrotums. That the lowest we’ve gone is urination shows that we’ve come a long way by historical standards. We even gave their late boss a Muslim burial at sea, instead of turning him into a sideshow exhibit. Consider it a step towards nation-buiding, the Marines symbolically saying “Ur-a-nation”.

My wife points out that just about every pickemup truck has a window decal of a little boy pissing on something or other. Why aren’t the folks who think this is My Lai agitating for a law to ban such an influence on impressionable youth?

OK, I know what the Church teaches about the dignity of all humans, that this may tactically have been a bad move, that allowing the scene to be captured visually is an act of stupidity. Yeah, OK, it shouldn’t have happened. But in a world where folks are more excited about warm urine than hot lead, I’m going to save my outrage for something worthwhile.

UPDATE: Says the faithful if intermperate Ann Barnhardt:

I have little sympathy for men who live their lives wiping their anuses with their bare hands after bowel movements, and who view as the pinnacle of human pleasure inserting their genitals and depositing their semen into the feces-laden rectums of boys and other men, who suddenly get squeamish about dead bodies being sprinkled with a bit of urine – which is sterile by the way. Those dead Taliban were probably the cleanest they had ever been in their adult lives after being showered with the righteous tinkles of those Marines.


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