To my lady friends who are having the vapors over the Komen decision:

1. I’m seeing a lot of “Punish Komen” thoughts, including going after their corporate sponsors. If breast cancer is your real concern, do you really want to do that? Is your real motivation in doing that to make sure that increased contributions by pro-lifers don’t have an effect?

2. Planned Parenthood claims to provide “lifesaving care for women where Planned Parenthood is their only source of health care.”. I doubt that. There are few if any places in the country without Medicaid or some other charity care. Besides, I thought Obama fixed that. And Planned Parenthood is not in the mammogram business — and rightly so, given that their name is not Women’s Health Services.  If PP is just serving as a pass-through point for Komen money, why can’t Komen designate a different pass-through point, one where there will be no danger of money being skimmed off to support a procedure the majority of Americans oppose? Kaiser, maybe?  Might it be because the breast cancer service is the fig leaf over PP’s bloody business? As for contraception, Barry Obama and Katie Sebelius have that covered, no matter what you or your employer thinks.

3. There is no reason this can’t be a win-win for breast cancer. Pro-lifers who had a conscience problem with Komen can now contribute. Pro-abortion folk who think it really important that PP do breast exams can donate directly to PP…and can use their money to make certain that the exams actually get done, instead of going to other procedures (though I note that PP’s online donation page has no way of earmarking a donation for non-abortion services). We could end up with MORE money to fight breast cancer…and how is that a bad thing?

But of course this isn’t about breast cancer. The reason you’re so upset is because it’s an instance of a private foundation caving to public pressure on the abortion issue. You don’t like that the culture is turning against you…. which is why the courtesan media have tried to make this about “a politically-motivated investigation by one crank in Congress”. Well, when Congress appropriates money for something and evidence surfaces that perhaps that money is not being used for intended purposes, and the folks you’re giving to may be involved in illegal activities, don’t you think the recipient should be investigated? At least if they aren’t America’s abortion monopoly?

Believe me, I’m sympathetic. You’ve been living under the protection of Roe…, er, Dred Scott, and here are these upstart abolitionists in Oberlin who won’t return your property, the body you have a right to. It’s enough to make you want to start your own country.

UPDATE 2/3: Contributions to Komen are up 100% over the past 2 days; I hope that’s not just a blip of feelgood. Meanwhile the drunken clown Cleveland councilman Zack Reed is talking about pulling their permit for the annual run. Like I said, these folks don’t really care about breast cancer.

UPDATE 2/3. The ball-less bastards caved. I wonder if Simcha Fisher misses her $10 yet? Consider spending your charity dollar at one of these organizations. And no more pink. It’s just a paler shade of red.

UPDATE 2/7 And Karen Handel is out.


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