“Holy Love”? Hmm, maybe not.

During this time, Maureen’s husband, Paul Sweeney, was skeptical about the locutions. He was an active parishioner at St. Brendan’s Church and had attended many of the group’s early meetings. Although he was a devout Catholic, he had no interest in becoming more involved with Maureen’s alleged locutions. To resolve this problem, the Blessed Mother prompted one of the group’s members to deliver a message to Donald Kyle, a former police officer, requesting him to join the ministry.

By the early 1990s, Maureen was spending more time with Don Kyle than she was with her husband. After asking Don to accompany her on a trip to Florida, Maureen found herself inseparable from his side. Soon after their trip to Florida in the summer of 1993, Maureen moved out of the house and filed for separation. Several months later, Paul filed for a divorce, which was granted in May 1995. Don and Maureen were eventually married in February 1997.

Hmmm, the “BVM” pimping a new husband for somebody? That’s enough for me. I’ll bet it was enough for Bp. Lennon too.


One Response to “Holy Love”? Hmm, maybe not.

  1. Or maybe it was BVM as real estate investor? At any rate I suspect Mr. Sweeney became extra skeptical after the break up.

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