Martin McPhillips is going all conspiratorial about Clear Channel’s conservative talkers and the Mormon Church, claiming that it’s because Bain Capital bought out Clear Channel.

I don’t so much know about all that. If Romney is the putative front runner, then it makes sense not to load the liberals guns for them. But the silence also makes that “front-runner” status possible. I have relatives who were RLDS (now Community of Christ) so yes, I may be prejudiced. They all seemed like God-fearing people, which is all I require of a politician. But yes, it’s dodgy, and if Martin wants to beat up on it, that’s his right. There are some distinct issue of doctrinal orthodoxy there; it’s not just the quaint Early American backstory. But I don’t care to have personal religious litmus tests for office, at least not ones that specific.


3 Responses to LDS or LSD?

  1. Let me get this straight–Romney is a Mormon; this has no discernible impact on his views, yet Martin thinks it should be an issue? There are possible conflicts of interest in the fact that Bain Capital owns Clear Channel–how much do Rush and others defend Bain Capital? But I don’t see how the fact that the shows on a radio network owned by a company one of whose stakeholders is Mormon don’t discuss that stakeholder’s Mormonism is any sort of conspiracy; it just a recognition of how unimportant that fact is. Same as Santorum’s Catholicism is not an issue–he might publicly defend ideas that are peculiar to Catholicism, but no one is expecting him to take orders from the Pope. Perhaps being a member of a religion which has its own version of holy underwear (see tallit katan is you’re curious) makes me a little sympathetic to Mormons (and when you’re a Jew, the “if it quacks like a Christian then it is a Christian” perspective makes Mormons Christians (and Jeremiah Wright, but that’s obviously a duck of a different feather)), but in the end Martin does sound like a religious bigot to me.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Shrug..”bigot” is like “racist” anymore, pretty much meaningless. He sees LDS as being morally equivalent to the Wright cult, and I have to ask: where’s the parallel in LDS to 2 decades of racial bilge? Yeah, their YHVH liked to dark up the Bad Guy’s skins so you could tell them apart, but I don’t see active racism currently in the LDS. I’ll see what he’s got, but it already looks to me like a personal burr up his saddle. I blogged it mainly because it was weird and out of character.

  3. jeffrey smith says:

    Actually, it sounds to me not a matter of racism, but that he’s been reading some Protocols of the Elders of Salt Lake City…..the way I phrased it should tell you exactly what I think of the matter.

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