The Derbyshire thing

John Derbyshire is out at National Review. I don’t have a lot of opinion about that, any more than I had a lot of opinion about the piece that sparked it.  The premise was flawed, because most of us don’t have “the talk“; the talk happens incrementally, and for better or worse, most of us have the race thing figured out by puberty (and the “us” there is race-inclusive).  The timing was colossally bad for such an article. And any collective conclusions on race, no matter how exhaustively hotlinked, are by definition racist. If I were to write, “Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than the rest of us,” that would be a racist statement, because the individual Jew in front of me could be a complete moron.

But that word “racist” is the issue. The boy has cried “wolf!” once too often. (Wait, can I use “boy” in a discussion about race?). It’s the new “Witch!”  When people can seriously suggest that Mary J. Blige singing about fried chicken for Burger King supports a racial stereotype, the concept is bankrupt…. because of course all black people like their fried chicken cut into strips and served in a tortilla with three cheeses and lettuce, just as they eat cut and seeded watermelon from sherbet glasses, and a wealthy and accomplished black artist had to take Burger King’s money and turn race traitor because she’s oppressed.

Does anybody really truly give a shit about what one blogger has to say, except insofar as it can be used to score points against National Review (where, it should be noted, it did not appear)?  Well, National Review does, because it’s their brand, and Derb is associated; that’s understandable. But if nobody cared, and nobody complained, what then? And if people really gave a shit, wouldn’t they try to refute Derbyshire’s links, to discredit the idea, instead of deciding that the author had, in the memorable words of one commenter, “intellectual lice”?

Let’s talk about some real racism. A guy in his 20s shoots a teenager. That’s a tragedy, not only for the now-dead teen, but for the shooter, who must second-guess his own actions, run the legal gauntlet, and know he is responsible for taking a human life.  Then let’s add the element of race. Now the tragedy for the shooter is multiplied, because he lives in fear of mob violence. But that’s only the beginning, the stone in the pond creating its ripples. Neo-Nazis and New Black Panthers (but I repeat myself) walk the streets of Sanford Florida (or at least pretend to). An old man in Toledo is beaten by teens avenging Trayvon (or so it’s at first claimed) . Black people in Tulsa are shot for no apparent reason, possibly by a white man. A video surfaces of a white man being beaten and robbed by a black mob.

To my white friends pushing the “Racist!” meme to score a few cheap political points: most of you live in mixed race or even white-minority areas. How fucking stupid is it to foment a race war in which you are highly likely to be a casualty?


4 Responses to The Derbyshire thing

  1. kishnevi says:

    Found another blog with more entertainment value than Barnhardt?

    To have a race war, you need blacks seriously worked up over imaginary greivances. And they aren’t. Perhaps the ones in the ghetto-est parts of the ghetto, but those are the ones most likely to riot with no excuse anyway. Most blacks are not discontented with the system–most of them believe they can game it for at least short term goals and minor profit. Among all the blacks I know as both neighbor and co-worker, not one is discontented to any degree comeing close to even your level of discontent. And I don’t think you’re angry enough to take it to the streets yet….

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Ha, which blog is that, Chittum? I went looking for that, as his book is famous and his scenerio somewhat plausible. As you point out, no sane person wants things to come to that; there’s nothing to be gained by anyone, except a few professional agitators. But if the avalanche starts, the only thing to do is get out of its way, since there’ll be no stopping it. I see people playing with dynamite in the hills. And nothing in the current political culture is sane or rational.

  3. kishnevi says:

    To have an explosion, you need an explosive, and I think that’s lacking in serious degree at the moment. And if it comes that, I the :”tribe” will be economic not racial/ethnic–the whites and Latins who depend on government welfare will be allied with the blacks who depend on government welfare against those don’t need welfare–and the blacks who what Derbyshire called ISWB will fight against the poor blacks, not with them.

    However, anyone who takes “USGov did 9/11” does not get much traction with me, and anyone who seriously talks about a London Banking Cartel that controlled the Bolshies and now controls the USGov gets even less, since they’re merely rephrasing the old canards about the how the Rothschilds and other Jewish bankers controlled the world. The canard may be aimed at Gentiles now, but it’s still as false as it was back when they published Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    • jeffreyquick says:

      We’ve got people firing incendiaries, but you’re right, there isn’t enough explosive NOW. But they’re laying in a stock of resentments for the time (say, economic collapse) where desperation can be connected with a particular group of people. The groups may start out economic rather than racial, but I don’t think they’ll stay that way. As for the other BS, I don’t understand how folks who think the gov’t screws up everything can also believe they can mount a successful conspiracy.

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