Ay yi yi yislands

There’s a certain amount of chortling in the dextrosphere over Obama confusing the Malvinas with the Maldives. It’s kind of understandable; the Maldives are much close to Sweet Home Indonesia than the collection of rocks in the South Atlantic. And if one is going to object to the exploitation of the various gaffes of President Bush, it is only fair not to exploit the gaffes of President Fifty-seven States.  The real gaffe was in not saying “the so-called Islas Malvinas” or “as Argentina calls them, the Malvinas”.  But that would have implied a commitment to Do Something, when Britain no longer can and Obama never would. And it might have been confusing to the Argentines, who seem to have a problem of late with the concept that Words Have Meanings. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, their Presidentess, said upon stealing her third private company, “I’m the head of state, not a thug”, which in the face of such evidence to the contrary is mightily redolent of Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook”. (We will for the moment ignore the argument that “head of state” and “thug” are synonyms.). Sine $18B or so is worth more in the modern world than 3140 humans and some possible oil, I suspect we’ll be seeing a warmup act for the coming Reunion of China, at which point the President will affirm that the Island of Thailand must remain independent.


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