Yesterday’s folly

The horror of the election is acute. I entertained hope that the large turnout meant a mass rejection of the folly and incompetence of the last 4 years. Alas, it was an embrace of that folly. So let us examine the fools.

1. Women. If I called one of you a cunt, you’d be quite offended, maybe even slap me in the face. Yet the Obama campaign employed exactly the same metonymy, reducing women to their “lady parts”. And sold you a nonexistent right to kill your children and have somebody else pay for it. And proclaimed your right to use and be used by a man, with no consequences, not even a $9 birth control bill. You were cheapened, and you accepted it.

2. Catholics.  Your bishops made it unequivocally clear that to support a candidate that supported baby murder on demand (and expected Catholics to pay for that) was a ticket to Hell. Yet HALF of all Catholics voted for Obama: NO real difference from other recent election cycles. What is wrong with you?

3. People who don’t know civics. “Romney is going to…” do all kinds of things that a President can’t do constitutionally. The office is “President of the Republic” not “Dictator for 4 years”.

Then there was the problem of not going after financial shenanigans. Romney himself needed to discuss reforming the casino that the markets have become. As a rich man, he was automatically considered the enemy. He is a decent, honorable man who put up one heck of a fight.  But he needed to show his decency in the financial sector.

Then there’s the social issues mess. The American public is depraved. So many of the issues decided proved that. But you can’t use punishment to reform the depraved; they won’t give you the job.  It’s hard enough to curtail the ways that government actively contributes to depravity.  The American Right falls for the temptation to substitute guns for Gospel.

We are screwed. We have called down God’s Judgement upon ourselves, in the usual way where God stands aside while our own deeds punish us. Have a fun next 4 years.


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