Well, yesterday sucked

…less for me than for a bunch of people on Boylston St., but for me too. And for you. Anything that makes our world feel less safe is a Bad Thing. I had just finished a batch of CD cataloging and thought I’d take a break via Twitter. Whoops… the rest of the day wasn’t so productive. I have a Facebook friend who lives on Boylston. She heard an explosion, later on saw blood all down the street. And then Barnhardt stuck up a picture of a person in a wheelchair with a soup bone where her leg should have been. Yes, she’s into Truth. And Beauty. And that Truth Who is Beauty. So, Ann, could you please go back to the pictures of angels and saints carrying assault weapons?

The most offensive thing about this is that here we have an event celebrating the achievements of the human body. And right where those bodies achieved their goal, they were damaged beyond repair. It seems blasphemous, a punishment for excellence. I don’t know who among the injured were athletes, if any, but in a sense it doesn’t matter; the crowd united its thought to those who struggled to finish. Well, then, say “Νενικήκαμεν” and die; we will overcome the Persians and their neighbors, or whoever was responsible for this.


2 Responses to Well, yesterday sucked

  1. jeffrey smith says:

    Did you realize that the Marathon is run when it is because the third Monday in April is an official holiday in Massachusetts: Patriots’ Day. Before 1969 it was celebrated on April 19. I don’t think I need to tell you why the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would make that date a holiday.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Well, yes, I did realize that. But I just realized that the MSM commentariat that was so anxious to blame this on the Right did NOT really realize that. If you want to bomb the Marathon because of the terror potential, you will by definition do so on Patriots Day. And in years when the Monday nighest 4/19 falls on the 15th, it will also be Tax Day. Correlation is not causation.

    I learned, after I wrote this, that our head of cataloging also ran the Marathon.

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