Smile and say cheese

Folks have been wondering just how Boston Massacre II will be used to curtail our liberties. It certainly will be, as the Chicago Gang will never let a good crisis go to waste.  This one has messed with the gun control agenda a bit, so it needs to work overtime. (indeed, the bad timing is evidence against it being a false flag operation). We’ve been joking around at home about “assault style pressure cookers” with “black tactical grips.”. But I think this time they will mandate rather than ban something.

As I was reading at Ace that they had a suspect, it came to me. There’s been a crapload of video to work with in this case, as everybody has been capturing their loved ones at the finish line. And there’s been amazing crowdsourced analysis. Really, video is the hero of this case… which means that Sgt. Video will get a promotion.  The degree of video surveillance common to the UK is coming to every major city in America.  The Federal government will fund it, and conservatives will cheer.

UPDATE 4/20: The Boston Globe validates the comments above.

4/23 And Gauleiter Bloomberg weighs in.


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