Alea jacta est

The Universe has been talking to me, hard, this weekend. In not-exact order:
1. Karl Denninger decided to go Galt.
2. My composer friend Paul Gothard died on the 19th. My old pastor at St. James Anglican Catholic, Fr. Cyril Crume, died Saturday.
3. I received a Facebook meme which read, “Don’t try to explain yourself to stupid people. You’re not the jackass whisperer.” And I realized that I spend an inordinate amount of time doing just that. Not that my friends are jackasses, but they’re usually Democrats. And I’ve been “getting into it” with people I don’t need to get into it with, justifying this on the grounds that, “They’re academics and don’t get out much, and need to know that reasonable people can have a different opinion.” Only they don’t care, and having a different opinion is proof to them that I am NOT reasonable.
4. A major change in the Quick family dynamic, the details of which are private.
5. I spent a good chunk of the weekend composing, for the first time since forever, then heard many inspiring pieces on the Composers Guild concert (some of them inspiring in the sense of, “I can write better than that turnip.”) Why am I not doing that more?
6, 20 squash and a bunch of radishes harvested from my garden, and good weather predicted for the week. Maybe I can grow and harvest something after all.

Then there’s the general noise. Everyone is a cheesesucker now, even those who know better. I don’t see a lot of evidence that Congress will stop the “Affordable” Care Act. We are well on our way to a Cloward-Piven event. And that might just be the best chance for liberty, as I fail to see how the system can be collapsed without collapsing on the heads of those trying to collapse it. I can’t save the world. If I saved enough individuals (through religion, not politics), it might make a difference (certainly for the individuals), as a Christian nation doesn’t act like this. But any real hope of wide-ranging change is useless.

So, I’m 57 years old. I have maybe 25 years ahead of me. Or 5 minutes.I should be composing and hanging with my wife, not wasting time on Crackbook with those who are truly right. It is time to accept our wise overlords. No, I’ll vote against them. I won’t give them a single thing I don’t have to. But I’m tired of arguing with those who have made their bed (and mine). Let the naked fist of reality argue with them. I’m done trying to be a jackass whisperer.


One Response to Alea jacta est

  1. michael grosh says:

    It seems to me adopting an elitist posture (as a libertarian) is the only way to maintain ones sanity in this collectivist world. The trouble is, the Hoi Polloi resent having their faces rubbed in it. Quietly sit it out and wait for the collapse? I enjoy reading your insights, but then, I am in the choir.

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