Act of militant capitalism: GE Capital

April 25, 2013

It was announced yesterday that GE Capital (aka Obama’s Haliburton) will not be lending money to or through gun dealers. Well, fine; that’s their right. And it’s our right not to deal with anyone who deals with GE Capital. Mr. Denninger observed that GE Capital helpfully lists the companies that use their credit services. Since they might not be so helpful in the future, I am listing these companies on one convenient page below:

Automotive Parts & Services
• America’s Tire
• American Car Care Centers
• CarCarONE
#Discount Tire
#Kauffman Tire
• Maaco
• Meineke
#Pep Boys
Electronics & Appliances
• Abt
• Bjorns
• BrandsMart USA
• Conns
• Crutchfield
• Goedekers
• OneCall
• Paul’s TV inside Art Van
• PC Richard & Son
• Sony Store
• Vanns
• Westrich
• Adairs
• Carpet Barn
• Carpet Mill Outlet
• Carpet One
• Carpeteria
• Flooring America
• Jabaras
• Lumber Liquidators
• Mohawk
• Pierce Flooring
• Sam Kinnairds Flooring
• Shaw Floors
• World of Floors inside Art Van
Sporting Goods
• Freedom to Ride
• Golfsmith
• Specialzed Bicycles
Home Furnishings
• American Signature
• Art Van
• Ashley
• Drexel
• Furniture World IN
• Furniture World PA
• Grand
• Havertys
• Hudsons
• Johnny Janosik
• L Fish
• La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
• Mattress Discounters
• Metro Mattress
• Morris
• Pieratts
• Regency
• Rooms To Go
• Sheelys
• Sleep Country
• Sleep Number (Glenn, Rush, what ya gonna do?)
• Sleep Train
• Sleepys
• Thomasville
#Value City
• Westrich
#World Market
Home Improvement
• Bargain Outlet
• Blains
#Champion Windows
• McCoys
• Sutherlands
• System Pavers
Heating & Air Conditioning
• Bryant
• Lennox
• Service Experts
• York
• Diamonds on Web
• Tappers
• Tivol
• Ultra Diamonds
Lawn & Garden
• System Pavers
• Sam Ash (the one here is conveniently near Guitar Center 😉 )
Glasses & Eye Care
Power Sports
• Kawasaki
• Suzuki

The ones I’ve marked with a hashmark are the only ones I’ve used or would be likely to use. And there’s no pain involved in giving up any of them. I’ve cancelled credit cards for gun-banning banks before; this is much easier.


My Sandy Hook rant

December 19, 2012

For the sake of my Facebook friends, I’m going to try to get this out of my system now, and let it go:

F*** the children of Sandy Hook. You’ve played the compassion card once too often.

Don’t get me wrong. My heart aches just as much as yours does. Maybe more, because 6 and 7 is getting a little old for Limbo, and I have no way to know how many of those kids were baptised. To most of you, they just don’t exist anymore. I know they exist; the question is where, and in what state? I think of my own grandchildren, as far as I know unbaptized, and past the age of reason, and their grandfather, who hasn’t done squat about it. And because of that, what can I say to you anti-gun Christians who want to bulletproof children’s bodies, but not their souls? How can I know that the stopped clock of the Westboro heretics isn’t right for once, and those children are in Hell?

And those bodies? You gave the prudential decision on how best to protect school children from nutcases to a government which is down with killing children, and demands that I pay for others to do so. And you want to give them even more prudential power in that matter?  That didn’t work so well this time; do you think it will work any better the next time?  When that government which is cool with abortion comes for your mom, for the handicapped, for the Jews/blacks/conservatives/Presbyterians/whatever, what are you going to do, when they have all the guns?

But we’re going to water their graves with our sentimental tears, because 31st-trimester abortions are somehow worse than 1st-trimester abortions. I guess that until somebody loves you, you’re just a product of conception. And we’ll slick up the dance floor with their blood so everyone can do the gun-ban dance, so they can look righteous in public and be seen to have “done something.”

The worst are the businesses. Cerberus I cut some slack to, because they’ve taken a political shekel, and he who pays the piper calls the tune. But Walmart? Dicks? And especially Cheaper Than Dirt, flipping the bird at their customer base? Why the preemptory apology for something they had no hand in?

Virtually every mass shooter has been taking psychiatric medications with side effects of violence and delusion. Nobody in the mainstream media is talking about banning them. Freedom Group (makers of Nancy Lanza’s Bushmaster) had sales of $775 million in 2011. Novartis (maker of Fanapt, Adam’s drug) had sales of  $58 BILLION in 2011. You do the math. Big Pharma is a LOT bigger than Big Firearm, but just as culpable. [UPDATE: Lanza may not have been on Fanapt, but was probably on something else; my point still stands.]

Speaking of Nancy Lanza, how do you like the “survivalist” slur? They say that like it’s a BAD thing. Oh yeah, she was paranoid, so no wonder her kid was a nutbar.  It’s not paranoia if rational analysis shows you that we’re headed for trouble. And if your analysis doesn’t show you that, you’re not rational. Now, I’m not impressed with Mrs. Lanza as a prepper. With a $200k/yr divorce settlement and no job holding her down, there are much safer places she could have lived than New York City’s ileum (coastal NJ being its rectum). If she was harboring the mentally ill, why weren’t her guns locked up, preferably mostly off-premises? Why indeed (except for parental love) have a dangerous adult under your roof at all? We’ll never get an answer; survival FAIL.

Well, fine, friends. I’ve thrown dielectic at your rhetoric for five days now, to no avail.  I get better arguments out of those grandgirls: “Grampa, can I have some gun control?” “No. Why?” “Cause” “Cause why?” “Cause I want it.” You’re going to get your gun control, if not now, then in 6 months or a year when martial law is declared. And the guns will remain uncontrolled, and the shootings will continue, because I have a moral obligation to protect my family, and some people think they have no moral obligations at all. Have fun with your kitchen knives and baseball bats, when society collapses because of institutionalized sin.

With such friends, who needs enemas?

August 8, 2012

Vanderbeogh takes down Hoover Tactical Firearms for “unnecessary nanny state ass-kissery”, in this case, demanding an ID to buy ammo (not required by Alabama law.)

Last week Jereme Alcede of Tactical Firearms, Katy TX, got himself in big doo with the estimable Tamara K. for advocating a ban on mail order ammo sales.

Guys, shut up and do business. And while you’re at it, just to reduce the humor factor, can we stop with the word “tactical” already? I mean, which firearms DON’T involve tactics of some sort or another?

Blood dance, verse 523

July 23, 2012

Well, of course all my liberal Facebook friends are exercised over this weekend’s tragedy.  One of them linked to Roger Ebert’s latest screed, the one that begins “I have never held a handgun in my life”, i.e., “I know fuck all about this.” And in reply I linked this. Now I really shouldn’t have; Tamara Keel is as much a full-bore, auto-fire, ballistic wookie-suited gun nut as you will find in the blogosphere, with an inimitable mastery of snark, and it just wasn’t sporting to do so. His reaction was interesting; he deleted the link, saying that he believed that the Second Amendment should be repealed and there would be no opinions to the contrary on his page. That was refreshingly honest, but it raises a question:  since we’re agreed that this is the fundamental law of the land, will you agree to quit chipping away at an established individual right until such time as you have public opinion enough on your side to amend the Constitution?  And, oh by the way, repeal the existing blatantly unconstitutional gun laws? I thought not. And here I was having such high hopes for a movement of Constitutionalist Leftists, who’d end the Drug War because nothing in the COTUS gives the Federal government the authority to wage it.

Then another idjit posted a quote from the professional provocateur Bill Maher: “It’s never the right time to talk gun control in America – we go right from “too soon” to “its forgotten”.  If it’s never the right time to talk about it, Bill, why can’t you and the Brady Campaign and the rest of y’all just shut up about it? I can show you things that it’s “never the right time to talk about.” It’s never the right time to talk about reviving chattel slavery, even though there’s nothing necessarily racist about it: privatize general assistance by selling the recipients to the highest bidder. It’s never the right time to end abortion by raising the products of conception to market weight to sell for the table, as the great sage Jonathan Swift suggested. Why aren’t we having a national dialogue about these things? Because they’re legally and morally settled issues. Likewise, the right to armed self defense is a legally and morally settled issue, and when it gets implemented as legislation, it tends to get the implementers tossed on their ear.  It’s an electoral loser. Every time we get a mass shooting and the Overton Window gets temporarily moved a silly millimeter to the left, America’s home invaders try to crawl through it, and get their heads blown off.

Now, I understand feelings. I think they’re a piss-poor guide to legislation, but I understand “Mommy, make it stop, please.” So let’s see if we can combine feelings and logic for my liberal friends. How many deaths and how much loss of liberty are you willing to countenance to pursue your goal of victim disarmament? Any serious attempt at taking people’s guns will result in a civil war. How many American police and military (and, doubtless, UN ‘security forces’) and collateral civilian casualties do you want to see? The last time was good for about 600,000, on a smaller population. I don’t think we’ll see proportionate casualties in a 4G war, but might well see many more through starvation and disease. Iraq insurgency civilian deaths are around 117K or so; would that be an acceptable number to rid America of guns?

But OK, let’s say you do it. How do you enforce it without an Orwellian surveillance state? We can’t even keep marijuana out of the country. What’s to keep the narcos from running Operation Fast and Furious in reverse and arming their clients on this side of the border? So we end up with the same pattern we’ve seen everywhere else this has been tried: bad guys have guns, good guys don’t, and violent crime goes through the roof.  Will it be worth it all, for something that has never worked?

I invite my Constitutional Leftist friends to Occupy My Arsenal. You want to take my guns? Let’s have some grass-roots people power and do it on your own.

A woman to watch

February 9, 2011

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence insists that the 2nd Amendment only refers to militias. But when a state like Montana openly discusses forming a militia, it’s “insurrectionism”. So who is it who’s making Josh Horvitz pee his pants today?

It’s a goil! Rep. Wendy Warburton, of Havre, MT. Who, I note, is single. And not hard on the eyes, in a thirty-something way. That’s not information I’m in a position to act on, nor does Ms. Warburton seem like the type to accept the proposition of a married man, if I were that monumentally stupid. But she has a very nice set of votes, and is the sort of politician a man would not be ashamed to be the spouse of. I wish her success in this endeavor, and future ones.

Nooner: you’re fired

January 23, 2011

What civilian needs a pistol with a magazine that loads 33 bullets and allows you to kill that many people without even stopping to reload? No one but people with bad intent. Those clips were banned once; the president should call for reimposing the ban. The Republican Party will not go to the wall to defend extended clips. The problem is the Democratic Party, which overreached after the assassinations of the 1960s, talked about banning all handguns, and suffered a lasting political setback. Now Democrats are so spooked that they won’t even move forward on small and obvious things like this. The president should seize the moment and come out strong for a ban.

Here they’ve got a rule about PG language. Here I don’t, but it’s Sunday, so I should at least make an attempt at Christian forbearance, right? All I will ask is why in the fucking hell is an alleged conservative telling Obama (nonironicly) how to improve his SOTU?

Well, hey, two can play that game. Here’s my improvement to Noonan:
“Here are three things he can do in the speech that would be surprising, shrewd, centrist and good policy. He can come out for the manufacture of a “people’s car” that everyone could afford. He could advocate for construction of a national freeway system to drive it on. And he could take a firm stand against smoking.”

Hey, meets all 4 criteria, right? Too bad that nothing else that guy did fits the bill…though Peggers would doubtless approve of this law.

And what is it about Noonan women and guns? I dated a Noonan for awhile who was anti-gun. I fired her too.

Call me Spartacus

January 21, 2011

If you don’t know what that’s about, you haven’t been reading the Internet.